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The current structure for the ECS is an intermediate state between the previous one and a future configuration in which the field bus connecting hardware will consists in dedicated boards with an embedded PC.

The current structure follows the scheme in the figure.

The description of the items is as follows.

  1. Control projects are run in virtual machines with linux as operating system. The fact that are virtual machines should be transparent to the user.
  2. The connection to hardware is made by the former control PCs under a new name. They only run the drivers
The list of the old PCs is as follows
System Name IP Address Rack OS
SPECS HCAL C side hcdaqhvc01w-specs D2C03 W
ECAL DAQ C side ecdaqhvc01w-specs D2C03 W
ECAL HV C side echvc01w-specs D2C03 W
PRS/SPD C side psdaqhvc01w-specs D2C03 W
HCAL A side hcdaqhva01w-specs D2C03 W
ECAL DAQ A side ecdaqhva01w-specs D2C03 W
ECAL HV A side echva01w-specs D2C03 W
PRS/SPD A side psdaqhva01w-specs D2C03 W
Rad Source hcdcs01w D2C03 W
Rad Source hcdcs02w D2C03 W
LV Power Supplies cadcs01w-opc D2C06 W
DCS ELMB Control cadcs02w-opc D2C03 W
TELL1 HCAL - PS-SPD hcdaq01-ccpc D2C07 L
ECAL ecdaq01-ccpc D2C07 L
ECS CALO caecs01-old D2C03 L
Display CALO lbca01 CR L
CALO lbca02 CR L

The list of the new PCs is as follows

System Name IP Address
DAQ-HV HCAL C side hcdaqhvc01
ECAL DAQ C side ecdaqhvc01
ECAL HV C side echvc01
PRS/SPD C side psdaqhvc01
HCAL A side hcdaqhva01
ECAL DAQ A side ecdaqhva01
ECAL HV A side echva01
PRS/SPD A side psdaqhva01
Rad Source hcdcs01w
Rad Source hcdcs02w
LV Power Supplies cadcs01
DCS ELMB Control cadcs02
TELL1 HCAL - PS-SPD hcdaq01
ECAL ecdaq01
ECS CALO caecs01

The new PCs may be accessed using the usual instructions,

ssh -Y pcname

The method to start, stop or check the project status in linux is

sudo /sbin/service winccoa_mp (start/stop/status)


As usual, projects should not be directly accessed, but we should be using shortcuts. Shortcuts can be found in

(linux) /group/online/ecs/Shortcuts311/CALO

(windows) G:\online\ecs\Shortcuts311\CALO


The SCADA software is not called PVSS anymore but WINCC OA. It is the same software with a version upgrade and a renaming. Commands are the same, except for a change of name : what before was PVSSui, is now WCCOAui.

For instance to call the gedi,

WCCOAui -proj ECDAQC1 -m gedi &

At present WINCC OA is not installed in all servers, so probably shortcuts will have to be run from one of the new control machines. To be updated.

Except for these changes, the way the system is structured and works is the same.

-- XavierVilasisCardona - 2013-11-06

  • Intermediate ECS Hardware Structure:
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