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Calibration using the LEDs and/or the occupancy

Starting point

Save sets for LEDs ans for occupancy are produced by the following monitoring tasks:

  • CaloDAQCalib
  • CaloDAQOccupancy
    • Code producing these files is: CaloOccupancy.cpp/h:
      • /group/calo/sw/scripts/CaloDAQOccupancy.sh
      • $ORWELLOPTS/CaloDAQOccupancy.opts which is calling the 2 following files:
      • $ORWELLOPTS/CaloOccupancySeq.opts
      • $ORWELLOPTS/SetOccupancyManager.opts

April 2016: Changed the line

EventSelector.REQ1 = "EvType=2;TriggerMask=0x0,0x4,0x0,0x0;VetoMask=0,0,0,0x700;MaskType=ANY;UserType=USER;Frequency=PERC;Perc=100.0";
EventSelector.REQ1 = "EvType=2;TriggerMask=0x0,0x810000,0x0,0x1;VetoMask=0,0,0,0;MaskType=ANY;UserType=USER;Frequency=PERC;Perc=100.0";
Only NoBias events should enter the occupancy... to be checked...

At the end of each fill a task will merge all the Savesets and produce a new one:

Code doing the merging of files and producing new save sets: $ORWELLOPTS/OccupancyAnalysis.cpp/h

  • /group/calo/sw/scripts/CaloOccupancyAnalysis.sh which is calling:
  • $ORWELLOPTS/AutoCaloOccupancyAnalysis.opts which is calling:
  • $ORWELLOPTS/CaloOccupancyAnalysisSeq.opts

  • SetOccupancyAnalysisManager.opts

Save sets are in:

  • /hist/Savesets/YYYY/LHCb/OccupancyAnalysis/MM/DD/OccupancyAnalysis_Fill_FILLNUMBER-YYYYMMDDThhmmss.root

This jobs runs on hist01. To start/stop and see the log file of this automatic job:

          ssh -Y hist01
          sudo service CaloOccupancyAna stop
          sudo service CaloOccupancyAna start
          logViewer -s LHCb_MONA0801_CaloOccupancyAnalysis_00

Task waiting for new merged Savesets after each Fill:

Code is OMAOccupancyAnalysis.cpp

→ /group/calo/sw/calib/makeRefHistoEcalHcal.cxx
Compare LED and Occupancy maps to a reference file which needs to be updated using the first fill taken after a calibration has been done
→ /home/jmarchan/calib/referenceDown.root
→ /home/jmarchan/calib/referenceUp.root
Produced by:
→ /home/jmarchan/calib/makeRefHistoEcalHcal.cxx

You need to change these lines:

  TFile* file_e = TFile::Open("/hist/Savesets/2015/LHCb/OccupancyAnalysis/11/21/OccupancyAnalysis_Fill_4640-20151121T132150.root");
  TFile* file_eled = TFile::Open("/hist/Savesets/2015/LHCb/OccupancyAnalysis/11/21/OccupancyAnalysis_Fill_4640-20151121T132150.root");
  TFile* file_h = TFile::Open("/hist/Savesets/2015/LHCb/OccupancyAnalysis/11/21/OccupancyAnalysis_Fill_4640-20151121T132150.root");
  TFile* file_hled = TFile::Open("/hist/Savesets/2015/LHCb/OccupancyAnalysis/11/21/OccupancyAnalysis_Fill_4640-20151121T132150.root");

file_hled   for HCAL LED files
file_e   for ECAL occupancy files
file_eled   for ECAL LED files
file_h   for HCAL occupancy files

Script in:

  • /group/calo/sw/scripts/CaloOccupancyAction.sh which is calling
  • $ORWELLOPTS/AutoCaloOccupancyAction.opts

The latest options file contains a line where we can add a mask for some cells in case (LEDs only, was added in 2015 when LEDs were dying, may be not necessary anymore) :

     EcalOccupancyAnalysis.MaskedCells = {0, 24, 10, 27, 13,
                                          0, 56, 34, 59, 37,
                                          0, 08, 42, 11, 45,
                                          0, 20, 54, 23, 57,
                                          0, 52, 50, 55, 53,
                                          1, 04, 44, 07, 47

This task runs on hist01:

          sudo service CaloOccupancyAction start
          sudo service CaloOccupancyAction stop
          logViewer -s LHCb_MONA0801_CaloOccupancyAction_00

-- JeanFrancoisMarchand - 2016-04-21

Topic revision: r1 - 2018-05-24 - JeanFrancoisMarchand

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