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Calorimeter Piquet : Frequently Asked Question and brief How-To

Main piquet instructions page:

How to solve the "U too low" warning

The "U too low" warning will appear in shift leader screen when there is a communication problem between the SOL40 and HV. For example, when the SOL40 was reconfigured.

How to solve this:

1. From the FSM screen, click on CALO_HV_TOP, then ECAL_HV, then ECAL_A panel 

2. Double click on "Expert operations"

3. Click on "restart HVmon"

4. Click on "yes"

5. Wait until "Wait..." disappears

Do it for all the four projects: ECAL. HCAL, A and C


How to connect to internet from control room computers

From Firefox browser: Open menu - Preferences - Network Settings - Settings...

Select Manual proxy configuration and type lbproxy01 on the HTTP Proxy and 8080 as the Port, and click on Also use this proxy for FTP and HTTPS 

as this screenshot:


How to open the log Viewer?

from plus run the following two lines:

. /group/online/dataflow/scripts/

errlog -m mon01..


What to do if there is an Error at one TELL40?

As a first step, try to recover, reset, and configure. If it still does not work, you can try the following steps:

  1. Power cycle the FE crate connected to the problematic TELL40
  2. Configure the TELL40 and PLL from CALO_PCIe40s panel
If at CALO_DAQ there is an error and is coming from ECAL_TELL40 you should click on ECAL_TELL40 to see if it comes from C or A system. Click on the one is in error to see which ECTEL has the error:


Once the ECTEL is found you should know to which crate corresponds using the CALO readout scheme:


For example, if ECTEL071 has the error, the corresponding crate is Crate 0. In this case the Crate 0 should be power cycled.

To power cycle a crate go back to the main operating screen FSM and click on CALO_DAI, select C or A and click on the corresponding crate (EC00 in the example). On the bottom left of the screen click on Power Off, wait few seconds and Power On again.



You reset the TELL40 and crate, and then configure them. If it does not work yet, you can go to the step 2.

From the CALO panel, click on TELL40s and select PCIe40 details.


In the PCIe40s panel below, find the TELL40 you want to reconfigure (e.g. ECTEL071), tick in the box of "Config PLLs" and click on the "Configure" button. It should take a few minutes until it finishes. Once it is done, configure it from the CALO panel.


Masking a channel in the DAQ and the Trigger

Method : the method consists in changing the configuration of the FEB so that the input of a particular channel is not anymore the physical input connector (PM signal) but an internal RAM digital value. Whatever the RAM value, the RAM will stay static and the pedestal subtraction will eventually send strictly 0 to the DAQ and to the trigger calculation, thus masking the channel. Hence, it is not necessary anymore to mask the channel by setting the trigger constant parameter to 0.

Step 1: Configure the FEB properly using the recipe that you want to update and for which you want to mask the channel.

Step 2: Open the main panel of the board on which a channel should be masked. Set the calibration Mask bit. This will force the RAM to be static (RAM value will not change). See tick box "Calib Mask" below. It should be selected. Apply the modification by pressing "Apply" in the "Sequencer configuration" area. NB : if the panel was already open before you configured the board, make sure that the values showed are updated. Press update at the top right if you have some doubts.

Masking a channel(1)

Step 3: Open the second tab "Channel FEB" that permits to configure each channel.Select the channel to mask on the list and validate the RAM mode (see below, channel number 13). Be careful : the numbering is the calorimeter numbering and not the numbering of the DAQ. Relations between the two conventions is given on the table at the left of the FEB channel tab. Apply the chanel configuration table by pressing "Apply" at the bottom left of the panel. NB : if the panel was already open before you configured the board, make sure that the values showed are updated. Press update at the top left if you have some doubts.

Masking a channel(2)

Step 4 : The last step consists in saving the configuration in a recipe. Go back to previous main panel. Change the name "DEFAULT" for the name of the recipe you want to save (usually you will update the DEFAULT recipe and you will not modify the text zone) and press "save" on the right. A good practice is to reset the FEB and try applying the updated recipe. Close the panel and open it again or press the update buttons (both main and channel configuration tabs) to check that the modifications are properly taken into account.

Masking one calo side from the Trigger point of view

The trigger (Cosmics) is currently done using electron and hadron . One should then mask the electron from side A and the hadron from side A. Side A -Ecal corresponds to crates 15 to 21 and sideA-Hcal to crates 24 and 25. Using the information from twiki/L0/L0Calo "input channels of the selection boards" one sees that the inputs corresponding to crates 15 to 21 are : input#13 to 24 as well as 27 and 28.

For the Hcal Master (SBHMA) : inputs 7, 8 , 11, 12, 15, 16, 19 to 24. For the Hcal Slave1 (SBHS1) : none For the Hcal Slave1 (SBHS2) : all inputs 

  • start TCALO_DAQ_UI_DEN from G:\online\ecs\Shortcuts\TRG\TCALO
  • select TCALO_DAQ_SB
  • select SBELE accept "Activate" and click on the M corresponding to the channels you want to mask (13 to 24 and 27 , 28) then close
  • select SBHMA accept "Activate" and click on the M corresponding to the channels you want to mask (7, 8 , 11, 12, 15, 16, 19 to 24) then close
  • select accept "Activate" and click on the M for all the channels
WARNING !!!! This should be done only when it is in the READY state otherwise it will not be taken into account ... Similarly it should be redone after each CONFIGURE


What to do if HV is not properly set on some ECAL channels

From G:\calo\CALOPVSSProjectsShortcuts\CA2 start CA2_UI_DEN

Go to FSM tab and view CALO_HV_TOP (right click) and if some fields are orange in the ECAL zone



go down in the tree to find which channels are not properly set (it happens on ECAL C/ Outer part HVBoard14)

so one arrives on the panel shown below and one has to click on one field of a red channel where the read HV is

close to 0


Then on the channel panel

Press StbChannelLoad if one is in StandBy or HV_ChannelLoad is one is in PHYSICS


What to do if one board doesn't respond to commands ?

If the board is stuck in ramping try to repeat the command GO_XXX (it is possible from RAMPING_XXX state). In case of failure restart FSM on this board and send the command (GO_XXX) again.

This shlould solve the problem

Go to standby usinf FSM. It is not solve:


Referring to the previous picture (Board 14) use "Manual Control" in the sequence;

Off, setStby, setHV.

"Manual Control" can give problems. After using it try to go standby using FSM again.

How to check that LEDs are powered ?


Once in the HCAL_CRATE_LV2 Panel, you must press the third little button from the left.

The values you should read :

  1. Vmon = 15+-1 V
  2. Imon = 1.0+-0.2 A.
Once in the EC_CRATE_LV2 Panel, you must press the fourth little button from the left.

The values you should read :

  1. Vmon = 15+-1 V
  2. Imon = 7.0+-1.5 A.

How to reflash the LED datapoints

  • Go to XCALDAQ A or C
  • OPen XCAL_DAQ_LEDTSB_A -> on each XCAL_LEDTSBa -> Press Update DPEs Config 9bottom right)-> InitSPECS +Apply ( Bottom Left )

How to change a Power Rectifier (AC/DC converter)?

Where are the spares?

Power Rectifiers are located in PZ alcove 3rd floor (Underground, UX85A always accessible side). You can also find spares on the common workshop of the 2nd floor (On the surface, above the Control Room).

Where are installed the rectifiers?

They are installed in B1B01 rack behind the barracks.


Follow the next steps to change the rectifier:

Go to B1B01 rack (see the picture above) and find the faulty Power Rectifier (green LED off, electrical breaker triggered in one of both Calo switchboards). All of them are labeled with the name of the crate (e.g. ECAL16).

Every Power Rectifier has its own Power Breaker which are located in these two switchboards (C-side: EXD16/85X, A-side: EXD15/85X):


Before changing the faulty Power Rectifier, try to rearm the current one:

  1. Switch off the faulty Rectifier.
  2. Switch on the Power Breaker.
  3. Switch on the faulty Rectifier.
If the problem is a short cut on the input of the rectifier (as few time in the past), the Breaker will be automatically triggered in the switchboard and the old Power Rectifier must be replaced. The recommended steps to replace the faulty Power Rectifier in a safe way are the following:
  1. Switch off the faulty Rectifier.
  2. Keep Power Breaker which corresponds to that Rectifier off.
  3. Remove the old Rectifier and insert the new one (screwdriver is needed). Remember to remove the stick which identifies to the Rectifier and stick it to the new one.
  4. Switch on again the Power Breaker checking before that the new Rectifier is switched off.
  5. Switch on the new Power Rectifier.
Finally, put an entry on the Calo logbook with the identification numbers of the faulty rectifier and of the spare one.

Additional information can be found here ( rectifier_repl.pptx, in rectifier_repl.pdf) (read them!)

How to mask one r/o crate "on-flight"?

First, be sure the corresponding crates are ON.

Information are available here (in masking_crate.pptx, in masking_crate.pdf)

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