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Piquet instructions concerning the Calorimeter Monitoring Histograms


General information about the calorimeter DAQ and monitoring software can be found in the here.
This page aims at providing detailed information about the calorimeter monitoring histograms available in the presenter.

Histogram presenter

To access Calibration Farm histogram you now have to do:

/group/calo/sw/scripts/ -D cald07 (note the "-D" flag)

When no argument is provided, the DIM_DNS_NODE mona08 (monitoring farm) is used by default.

The possibility to access different DIM_DNS_NODE is a feature of the official /group/online/ script and you can also use it directly (the /calo/group/... script just redirects to it now).

-- OlivierDeschamps - 09 Sep 2008

Topic revision: r3 - 2009-11-26 - hruiz

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