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Calorimeter Piquet Instructions

Check also CALO FAQ page.


Piquet duties

  • You are responsible from Tuesday morning after the 9:30am run meeting, where you will receive the official phone (Phone 161822)(+41754111822)
  • You have to report at the daily run meeting in Till Moritz Karbach Room of Point8: 3862/1-001 (Meeting run meeting indico External link mark)
  • You have to report at the weekly CALO meeting External link mark on Mondays at 9am.
  • You have to be able to reach the control room in less than 30 minutes
  • Report everything in the calo loogbook and inform the experts of any problem (Book logbook External link mark)
  • You have to be able to configurer/start/stop the system, put it operational and do some checks (data integrity, temperatures, HV, etc.)

Open main operating screen FSM

From plus, connect to ui machine:
ssh -Y ui

Run the following command:


You will get the following screen (left), and right click on CALO to get the monitoring main screen (right): 

monitoring1.png    monitoring2.png


Usual checks

  • While no beam:(hardware status)
    • Check HV status, LV and MV from the CALO_HV_TOP
    • Check DAI Maraton Power supplies from CALO_ECAL_DAI


  • While stable beam:(hardware status and data integrity)
    • Check HV status (On) and related LV and MV from the CALO_HV_TOP summary panel
    • Check the temparatures (PS and SPD), LV marathon and turbines (see above)
    • Check from Monet page (Color wheel, transparentMonet External link mark) that the Calo is working properly (2D views, Readout, etc.) and report non-working channels to experts
    • Check that the calibration farm is working
    • Data quality: check calibration trending histogram
      • Check Calibration trending from presenter page ( calorimeters-> Analysis->Calibration )
      • Complete the calibration check running caloAnalysis

Expert phone list

 Profile Expert  Gear System Phone CERN phone number 
 Joan Mauricio Ferre  ECS


 Yuri Guz

 HV, PS, Operation


 Frederic Machefert  FEB


 Olivier Duarte  3CU


 Yasmine Amhis  3CU


 Anatoli Konoplyannikov   LED


 Pascal Perret

 Detector Movements 



Training sessions




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