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Welcome to the LHCb SPD Twiki pages

Download latest SPD Piquet training course:

SPD Piquet Training session (v20150414)

Time alignment and phase settings

Documentation on Time alignment and phase settings

Time-alignement scans with collisions


Documentation on recipe contents

Documentation on HV settings

Documentation on LED settings

RECIPES LOGBOOK: Logbook of SPD recipes

NOISY CELLS: List of noisy cells

Information for the preparation of recipes

  • VFE calibration files (with PMT plugged) are in g:/calo/spd/VFECalibWithPMT
    • Note: the file of the VFE S014 was found to be wrong (all voltages were the same). It was moved to its original name +".wrong". The file corresponding to S005 was copied to that of S014 (Hugo, 30th Sept 2008).
  • Threshold offsets from threshold scans are in g:/calo/spd/ElectronicOffsets/[DDMonYYYY]/[Run#_even/odd_Prev1/T0/Next1]
  • Noise levels measured as probability of giving a 1 per bunch crossing (from runs triggered with SPDMult>0 are in g:/calo/spd/NoiseLevels/[DDMonYYYY]/[Run#_even/odd]

Instructions for taking data with the SPD standalone

PVSS Shortcuts
  • SPD PVSS shortcuts for opening the device editor navigator are in G:\calo\CALOPVSSProjectsShortcuts * The main project must be opened from CA2\CA2_UI_FSM (a harmless error message window can appear). In principle, everything should be controlled from this main panel
  • Right-click on the PRS box, take, allocate
  • Select activity
If problems...

List of SPD possible poblems and solutions

  • If you are not in an online PC, log on to lbgw
  • Start Exceed
  • Connect to plus with putty:
    • Change: connection -> SSH -> X11 -> Enable X11 forwarding, X display connection: localhost
    • export LHCBSCRIPTS=/sw/lib/lhcb/LBSCRIPTS/LBSCRIPTS_v4r1/InstallArea/scripts
      export DIM_DNS_NODE=mona08
      source /group/online/presenter/
  • In the presenter, select PRS partition in 'refresh partitions' menu. Then, select HISTDB, Calorimeters, Spd, TAE in the Database Page Browser. Refresh HISTDB if necessary.
Recording the data
  • To make the run available offline: set Data Destination to Offline
  • Check that the data is being written by inspecting the directory /daqarea/lhcb/data/2009/RAW/FULL/PRS/TEST/


Activity organizer (for editing activity list: FOR EXPERTS!)
  • Right-click on Save button under the Activity tab in the PRS top panel
Available activities:
  • PHYSICS: this activity is currently not being used and should not exist
  • DEFAULT: these are the default settings for data taking
  • COLLISION: these are the default settings for data taking, in fact the recipe should not exist and should load DEFAULT
  • CALIB|SPD_SCH2ON: it switches on the sub-channel 2
  • CALIB|SPD_SCH1ON: it switches on the sub-channel 2
  • CALIB|SPD_NO: to perform a threshold-scan Vref=555 mV
  • CALIB|SPD_MAPPING: to perform a mapping-scan, i.e. lighting each channel in each of the 64 steps
  • CALIB|SPD_LED_T: to perform a led timing-scan
  • CALIB|SPD_NO1560: to perform a threshold-scan with Vref=1560 mV
Trigger Configuration
  • Moore version v9r4 (by August 13th 2010)
  • HLT type PA
  • PA accept = PVSS (click on this option!)
  • Ok, save activity

List of special runs recorded

TED runs

List of available TED runs

Cosmics runs

List of available cosmic runs

Offset threshold scans

List of offset threshold scan runs

Step function :

  • Located in /group/calo/prs/pvss/fwComponents_PRSDAQ/scripts/libs Do not modify it, ask Mar, who will use the proper PVSS tools and do the checks in the test set-up

LED measurements

List of SPD LED system measurement runs

Mapping scans

List of mapping scan runs

Subchannel determination scans

Odd BCID corresponds to subchannel 1, even BCID corresponds to subchannel 2.

List of available subchannel scans

CAT/spy function tests

Log of CAT tests

Hardware documentation

Mapping documents (VFE, CB, regulators, LEDs,...)

HW problems

Documentation of HW problems

Documentation of temperature dead channels

Documentation of RB fuses

SPD control/clock cables

Documentation of Control/Clock cables measurements


SPD PVSS project wishlist

  • DCS LV control to switch on the regolator boards channels
  • Read CB t0 delays channel by channel
  • Read Vref values in V.

Running on the offline farm

To setup:

source /group/calo/sw/scripts/

To run your own software you have to create a new package:

1. At the Calib level do

cmt create MyPackage version

2. Go to the Orwell/cmt directory and edit the


file to add the new package

3. Do

cmt br cmt config
cmt br make

to compile everything.

4 Now you can move your codes to the directory


create a package /home/hruiz/cmtuser/myOrwell_v1r8/Calib/MyCalib/

If you want to add your own package in myOrwellXXX you have to remove the slc4_amdXXX directory (which is a link to the /group/calo install) and do the cmt br make at the level of Calib/Orwell. This should rebuilt your own slc4 with complete library. Try with:

cmt br -global -select='cmtuser/myOrwell_v1r6p1' make

Then close the session and do the setup again.


Tests to be done before 2010 run The list is here

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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SPD_CB_REG_20090629.xls manage 84.5 K 2009-06-30 - 12:48 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui Regulator Boards and channels vs. VFEs and CBs
PDFpdf SPD_CB_REG_HV_LED.pdf manage 34.3 K 2008-12-10 - 18:45 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui Relationship between VFEs, CBs, regulatosrs, crates, HV...
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SPD_CB_REG_HV_LED.xls manage 147.5 K 2008-12-05 - 17:24 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui mapping between CB, Regulators, VFEs, LEDs, HV, ...
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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SPD_CB_REG_HV_LED_20091001.xls manage 240.0 K 2009-10-01 - 16:06 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui kk3
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JPEGjpg SPD_HV.jpg manage 195.7 K 2010-09-02 - 10:59 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD HV mapping
PNGpng SPD_LED_bias_PVSS.png manage 123.1 K 2008-12-10 - 18:41 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD LED system PVSS channels bias voltage mapping scheme.
PNGpng SPD_LED_bias_cables.png manage 137.9 K 2008-12-10 - 18:40 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD LED system bias voltage mapping scheme.
PNGpng SPD_LED_trigger_PVSS.png manage 152.1 K 2008-12-10 - 18:43 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD LED system PVSS trigger channels mapping.
PNGpng SPD_LED_trigger_PVSS_corrected_20091001.png manage 152.1 K 2009-10-01 - 15:43 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui carmelu
PNGpng SPD_LED_trigger_cables.png manage 141.0 K 2008-12-10 - 18:42 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD LED system trigger cables mapping scheme.
PNGpng SPD_LV_VFE_correspondance_2.png manage 141.3 K 2010-09-02 - 11:53 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD_RB_VFE
PNGpng SPD_VFE_NUMBER.png manage 206.6 K 2008-12-10 - 18:36 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD scheme showing relationship between VFE numbers, CBs, and crates.
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SPD_cables_ASide.xls manage 188.0 K 2011-02-02 - 10:58 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui Cables_A_side
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SPD_cables_CSide.xls manage 221.5 K 2011-02-02 - 10:54 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui Cables_C_Side
PDFpdf SPD_cells.pdf manage 35.8 K 2009-03-13 - 10:37 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui SPD detector cell numbering scheme
PowerPointppt SPD_piquet_20150414.ppt manage 3584.5 K 2015-04-14 - 11:06 JuanMauricioFerre SPD Piquet training slides (2015/04/14)
PDFpdf Visio-RegToVFE_SpdEeBoxes.pdf manage 31.2 K 2009-09-14 - 16:02 EduardoPicatosteOlloqui Regulator boards to VFE scheme
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