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Welcome to the LHCb Experiment Online web

This site collects information for people working on the LHCb detector and its various components. As such it is focused on operational issues. If you search outreach- or general information on LHCb please consult the LHCb main web External link mark

Like the LHCb detector the LHCb operation is composed of several teams, whose specific sub-webs you find in the navigation bar on the left. You can reach a specific sub-web by clicking there.

This web-site contains a lot of information, which is not always easy to find. Try the search function in the top right corner of every page. And please report missing or broken pages on to the helpdesk.

Important: In several places on this web you will find two links for the same item, (for example on this page for the web-services). Because the LHCb OnlineNetwork is (almost) completely separated from the CERN network, several web-pages are accessible via two different URLs: an internal and an external one. The internal URLs can be easily recognized by the component in the hostname, on the CERN network the lbdaq component of the domain name is missing.
Furthermore, hosts which are visible both externally and internally have an external name, which is like the internal name but prefixed by lb. For example: the webserver is internally simply addressed as http://web but on the Internent you would type When while navigating this site you encounter a link which does not work, then watch out for a second link to the same site or topic.

Your input is needed: Like any webpage this one can only be as good as the information, which is put here. If you participate in the LHCb Online operation and have useful information, please try to put it up on these pages and keep it up-to-date. Wiki technology is used to make these updates as simple as possible.

Information for newcomers, central shifters is typically found on the Online web.

Other LHCb Online web services

Service name From CERN Online Description
Online Helpdesk ServiceNow   The Online Helpdesk (You can also send mail to
Logbook http://logbook LHCb's electronic logbook based on Elog External link mark
Run Database http://rundb LHCb's Online Run Database
Crashes Database http://crashes LHCb's "crashes" DataBase

Yellow pages

** **
IP8 Control room (Shift) 77874
IP8 Control room (RICH/Calo/Muon) 77862
IP8 Control room (ST/Trig) 77864
IP8 Control room (VeLo/OT) 77867
IP8 Counting Room D1 77890
IP8 Counting Room D2 77895
IP8 Counting Room D3 77889
IP8 Counting Room Magnet 77884
Control room printer 2885-R008-HP
Location of phones in SX8 controlroom

Piquet phone numbers

CALO 161822
L0 161816
MUON 161911
ONLINE 161863
OT 168680
ST 160425
VELO 165829

Postal address of the LHCb experiment site (LHC Point 8)

CERN - Point d'acces 8
Chemin du Bois Candide
F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire

Today for you on Shift

Date Function Phone Morning Evening Night
2015-10-10 Run Chief 16-1868 Vladimir Gligorov
2015-10-10 Run Chief 2 . Patrick Robbe
2015-10-10 Shift Leader 16-1866 Patrick Spradlin Federico Alessio Pavel Krokovny
2015-10-10 Data Manager 77863 Xuhao Yuan Jussara Marques de Miranda Sasha Okhrimenko
2015-10-10 VELO Piquet 16-5829 Kazu Akiba
2015-10-10 HERSCHEL Piquet 16-7650 Kazu Akiba
2015-10-10 ST Piquet 16-0425 Ilya Komarov
2015-10-10 OT Piquet 9-21h 16-0956 Lucia Grillo
2015-10-10 OT Piquet 21-9h 16-8680 Lucia Grillo
2015-10-10 RICH Piquet 16-1848 Anita Katharine Nandi
2015-10-10 Calo Piquet 16-1822 Juan Mauricio Ferre
2015-10-10 Muon Piquet 16-1911 Marco Fiore
2015-10-10 L0 Piquet 16-1816 Julien Cogan
2015-10-10 HLT Piquet 16-1859 William James Barter
2015-10-10 Online Piquet 16-1863 Clara Gaspar
2015-10-10 Manager On Duty .
2015-10-10 Sysadmin Piquet 77809 Niko Neufeld
2015-10-10 DQ Piquet .
2015-10-10 Alignment 8-21h -
2015-10-10 RICH alignment 8-21h -
2015-10-10 RICH calibration 8-21h - Jibo He
2015-10-10 OT calibration 8-21h -
2015-10-10 DSS and RPE piquet 16-8000 Rolf Lindner
2015-10-10 DSS and RPE backup 71919
2015-10-10 Production 77714
2015-10-10 Grid Expert 16-1914 Andrew McNab
2015-10-10 LHCb Software Deployment .
2015-10-10 Distributed Analysis . Jibo He
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