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Information sent to the BookKeeping DB (BKK)

The information sent to the BookKeeping DB from the Online is created by the DataMover process when run with options --bkk_run, --bkk_file. The information here is not complete.

Per Run

TotalLuminosity: the value of the Luminosity as calculated online by the ECS (this is shown as Luminosity on tape in the RunDB webinterface)

Per File

Luminosity: this is the TotalLuminosity weighted by the fraction of n_physics_inc (inclusive physics triggers as defined by Moore) in this file

InstLuminosity: this should come from the Conditions DB, but is currently set to 0.0, because the python versions to access the CondDB and the one used by the DataMover are incompatible. This will be fixed in the winter-shutdown

-- Main.niko - 28 Sep 2010

Topic revision: r1 - 2010-09-28 - NikoNeufeld

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