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The Eventbuilder MEPRx

The following is a very brief description of the MEPRx process, its configuration and associated tools. The description here is valid as of Online v4r58

DIM commands

MEPRx accepts several DIM commands. The naming convention is always ${UTGID}/<CMDNAME>, e.g. /HLTC1127/MEPRX/setMEPREQ

  • setMEPREQ
    Parameter is one char (8-bit) giving the number of MEP requests. The MEP request will be sent to the currently configured Odin. This can be done by using
/group/online/scripts/sendmepreq  <# MEP requests>
  • setOverflow
    Parameter is one integer. 0 disables usage of the overflow buffer. 1 enables it.

DIM services

MEPRx publishes several non-standard (other than mandated by DIM or FMC) DIM-services. The naming convention is always ${UTGID}/<SVCNAME>, e.g. /HLTC1127/MEPRX/overflowStatus/

  • overflowStatus
    This publishes a string wether the overflow buffers is disabled, enabled but not currently used or active (that is currently used).

-- Main.niko - 26 Jan 2012

Topic revision: r1 - 2012-01-26 - NikoNeufeld

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