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How to make labels on AIDA histograms that are seen in the Presenter

  • AIDA does not support labels on histograms, so in your Gaudi Job you need to get a pointer to the Root object underlying your AIDA histogram
  • in the code fragment below, my1Dhisto is a AIDA/IHistogram1D, declared via declareInfo or plot:
        TH1D *h = Gaudi::Utils::Aida2ROOT::aida2root(  my1Dhisto );
        if ( 0 != h ) {
            // get the axis:
            TAxis* axis = h->GetXaxis() ;     
            if( 0 != axis ) 
              axis-> SetBinLabel ( 1, "bin 1" );
              axis-> SetBinLabel ( 2, "bin 2" );
              axis-> SetBinLabel ( 3, "bin 3" );
              ... repeat this nb of bin times                                    
  • The MonitorSvc will recognize the fact that labels exist, because it serializes the Root methods from the Root object underlying the AIDA histograms. The presenter, saver and adder will all handle these labels correctly.

-- EricVanHerwijnen - 05 May 2009

Topic revision: r1 - 2009-05-05 - EricVanHerwijnen

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