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Automatic startup of PVSS projects at boot time


To have PVSS projects started at boot time under linux, send a mail to lbonsupp@cern.ch with the following informations :

  • Computer the projects are to run on
  • Name of the project
  • Path of the project config file if different from /localdisk/pvss/PROJECT/config/config (but it should not be different)
  • User the project should be run under (it should normally be the oper account of your group)

The projects should have manual startup for all UIs.

We will add that to the quattor configuration and the config files will be generated.

You'll then be able to do some tests by using the /sbin/service pvss_mp commands as shown in next chapter. If it's ok, we'll then enable the startup at boot time.

PVSS projects control with pvss_mp init script

Once your projects are defined in the pvss_mp configuration you can control them with the sudo service pvss_mp command. Available sub_commands are start / stop / restart and status.

If you add a project name, you will start/stop/restart/get status of that project. Otherwise, you'll do that to all projects defined on the computer.

To list the projects defined, just issue a ls /etc/pvss.d/. You can also look at the file's content to see the parameters.

Example: You want to start he rilams project on ridcs03. There is only one project on this computer. You type:

ridcs03> sudo /sbin/service  pvss_mp start
To stop it
ridcs03> sudo /sbin/service pvss_mp stop
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