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Under linux, there is the following command line utility :
        rackctrl [options]  [crate [crate2] ...]
        -d,--dns dns_node   set the current dns node
        -h,--help           print the help message
        -v,--verbose        echo all message in verbose mode
           --version        print current version

        start               turn on the crate
        stop                turn off the crate
        reset               reset the VME bus off the crate
        status              get the status of the crate
        list                get a full list of crate
        update              update the dim service

         /group/online/rackctrl/rackctrl status

        You can use a part of the crate name if it is unique. 
        e.g. you can use D02U instead of D3D02U if there is only one *D02U in current machine.
        On means power on, Off means power off, and Down means not connected
On both Linux and Windows systems, you can use the shortcuts to the INFDAI1 pvss ptojects available under /group/online/ecs/Shortcuts38/INFDAI/INFDAI1/
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