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How to save histograms in the Monitoring Farm

  • Use plot or declareInfo to ensure that the MonitorSvc knows about your histograms and you can look at them in the presenter
  • Use the following joboptions:
        ApplicationMgr.TopAlg = {"UpdateAndReset", "Your-algorithms"};   //UpdateAndReset must be the first one that is called
        UpdateAndReset.desiredDeltaTCycle=20;  // the monitoring cycle; rate at which histograms are refreshed in the presenter in seconds (default:20)
        UpdateAndReset.saveHistograms=1; // to tell the monitoring svc that its histograms should be saved
        UpdateAndReset.saverCycle=900; // frequency in secs that histograms are saved (default 100)
        UpdateAndReset.saveSetDir="/hist/Savesets"; //histograms go into /hists/Savesets/year/partition/task/task-YMDTHMS.root
  • Make sure that the place where you are running as r/w access to the directory /hist/Savesets. This is normally the case in the Monitoring Farm.

-- EricVanHerwijnen - 05 May 2009

Topic revision: r2 - 2009-12-08 - BeatJost

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