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PVSS UserInterfaces (UIs) and permanent desktop sessions

For running detector operations it is indispensable to be able to run PVSS UIs. Often you want to keep these open along with other terminals and windows - in this case it is practical to set up your desktop somewhere (on Linux or Windows) and just "connect" to it. Since PVSS UIs are potentially very resource consuming (in particular in memory) you should never run them on the production controls PCs. Instead you should use the so called ui clusters for this purpose. There are two of for Windows and for Linux. Permanent sessions are practical because they stay around even when you disconnect. When you connect back to the cluster (from whereever) you will be given the same desktop as before.

Please always use the aliases not the node-names of the clusters directly. Otherwise, if we change / migrate / move nodes your shortcuts and pre-configurations will break.

UIs and NX session on Linux

Open an nxclient session to ui. Alternatively you can of course also login via ssh. You can then run the shortcuts which you find in


UIs and Remote Desktop session on Windows

Open a remote desktop session to uiw, by clicking or by running mstsc from a Windows commandline, or using the rdesktop command from a Linux prompt. You can then run the shortcuts which you find in


-- Main.niko - 02 Aug 2010

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