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Access to CASTOR

Access to CASTOR suffers from the fact that the IT CERN CASTOR servers use an extremely primitive security model based on a matching of userid / groupid and username to verify if one has read/write access. The implementation is moreover broken in the sense that word read access still requires a valid uid/gid pair (contrary for example to AFS). The upshot of this is that as long as this is not changed you can neither directly read from CASTOR nor write to CASTOR. A poor man's alternative is described on this page

Automatically synchronised directories to CASTOR

Any file you put into

will be automatically copied to

where it is freely admitted that the CASTOR is superfluous.

Note that files are eligibly for deletion from the Online area as soon as they are migrated to tape. There are no backups of the /scratch area. Only files greater than 32MB in size are automatically migrated.

-- NikoNeufeld - 05 Nov 2008

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