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PVSS 3.6 License issues:

With ETM new license schema for 3.6, licenses receive after may 2007 have a field update=2 in the license file. If you install this license on a machine running PVSS 3.6 or 3.6 sp1 without latest patches, PVSS may complain that you have an invalid license and will run with a Demo license. This message will appears in PVSS logs:

 PVSS00event  (0), 2007.07.10 14:40:27.488, SYS,  SEVERE,    105, Invalid license, hlte08:
 Actual version 306000 not allowed for update option 2 

Please patches your PVSS system with latest cumulative patches for your OS to solve this issue.

PVSS License invalid after PC name changed:

When a PC is renamed , the PVSS shield file need to be updated accordingly. The name must be changed only on the line CODE and not in the field COMMENT. Name is case sensitive:

code        = "otdaqa02 00128312218"     # < Put new name here only
version     = 30600002
sn          = "CERN_Generator_42/54"
date        = 2007.06.07;10:49:21,000
comment     = "For Loic Brarda by pvsslic for machine/original code: otdaq01/22305391542"
expire      = 0000.00.00;00:00:00,000
redundancy  = 1.....

"Error creating project! Would you like to open the log file creatDb.log?" when creating a project

If in that log file, you find a lot of lines like this one :

PVSS00data   (0), 2007.08.13 15:00:14.484, PARAM,SEVERE,      8, Element does not exist, problem during archive initialization,  datapoint does not exist:,  ValueArchive_0.arNr:_original.._value

and that one :

PVSS00data (0), 2007.08.15 15:39:45.112, PARAM,SEVERE, 112, Emergency mode active, DataManDpInternSup, enterEmergencyMode, Low on virtual memory, entering emergency mode. Please stop programs and restart PVSS II

You probably have more than 2 Gb of virtual memory, which PVSS doesn't handle well yet (should be ok in PVSS 3.6 SP2). The following lines should be added in the /opt/pvss/pvss2_v3.6/config/config file :

checkMemory = 0

PVSS 3.6 RDB Manager License :

To have external database ( Oracle ...) archiving with PVSS, It is required to get a license updated. It means that old license, delivered before May 2007, has to replaced with update one. If you try to use archiving with an old license scheme you will get into PVSS logs:

PVSS00data   (0), 2008.03.17 15:53:17.282, SYS,  FATAL,     105, Invalid license, License does not cover the PVSS RDB manager, stopping it...
To confirm the problem is caused by old license, check into the shield file these field:

Old schema
rdb = 1
update= 0

Correct schema
rdb_archive = 3
update = 2

Then in case of old License, please contact:

1 - The requester of the license (name include in License file). He should receive the updated license
2 - The Admins :
3 - ITCOBE helpdesk and ask for an updated license:

-- GaryMoine - 03 Jul 2008

Topic revision: r1 - 2008-07-03 - gary

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