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Procedure to request an access during beam operation:
  1. Accesses are first requested through the IMPACT External link mark system and authorized by the Technical Coordination team (mailto:lhcb-pit-infrastructure@cern.ch).
  2. Accesses are then organized and prioritized by the Run Chief (Smartphone16 18 68), and asked for by the Run Coordinator (Smartphone63218) at the morning LHC meetings.
  3. The Shift Leader should inform the Run Chief (Smartphone16 18 68) when an access is possible with the LHC, for example when it is advertised on the LHC page 1.
Procedure for access for the Shift Leader:
  1. Inform as early as possible the people with a pending access request External link mark and verify they will be able to do it in the time available for the access, whenever the LHC contacts the control room to grant an access or advertises an access in page 1.
  2. Inform as early as possible the LHCb Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) on call (Smartphone16 80 00) and the Run Chief (Smartphone16 18 68), when it is confirmed that people will be able to carry out the access. Tell them for which intervention the access is.
  3. Inform the CCC (Smartphone77600) that LHCb is requesting an access (you can mention that the LHCb RPE piquet are on their way), and ask the CCC operator to lift the safety veto.
  4. When the safety veto is lifted, the state shown on the LASS view changes from "VETO SAFETY" to "VETO".
  5. Wait for the RPE piquet to come to the control room. Make sure the REMUS (formerly RAMSES) display is up and running.
  6. The RPE piquet will go into the cavern.
  7. Wait until the RPE piquet lifts the RP-VETO (you should see the radiation symbol disappear from the LASS view) and tells you to call the CCC.
  8. From the phone on the access control desk, call the CCC (Smartphone77600) and ask them to put UX85 in Restricted Mode and to delegate access control to you ("Access delegation").
    • You will have to click on the "Accept" button when it appears on the access console to take the delegation, see these instructions External link mark.
  9. Give access to UX85B to the RPE piquet(s). When they badge on the UX85 access point click on "Give key" on the access control application (green tick mark button next to their name).
  10. The RPE piquet will perform their task and will inform you when the RP survey is completed and access to UX85B is allowed.
  11. Set the access mode to Automatic such that everybody who is authorised can enter the cavern (in Automatic mode the keys are distributed automatically).
    • To switch from Restricted mode to Automatic Mode, click on the UX85 box and then on the salmon pink button "Automatic ON". When asked “Are you sure you want to switch to Automatic ON?” confirm by clicking “Ok”. The colour of the UX85 box should change to salmon pink.
    • Only people who were granted an access via IMPACT External link mark are allowed in the cavern. You will not be able to allow access to people not included in the IMPACT form.
  12. At the end of the access, call the CCC and ask them to take the access delegation back.
Accesses in the pipeline:

List of access requests to UX85B opened in IMPACT External link mark

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