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LDAP{"filter" format="format"} -- LDAP directory query

  • An interface to query an LDAP directory and display the results in a TWiki topic
  • Syntax: %LDAP{"filter" format="format" ...}%
  • Supported parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:
"uid=joeshmoe" the LDAP query string required
filter="uid=joeshmoe" (Alternative to above) N/A
host="..." host IP or name to connect to  
port="..." port to of the host  
version="..." protocol version; possible values: 2,3  
ssl="..." use ssl to bind to the server; possible values 0,1  
base="..." base dn of the (sub)tree to search in; if base is written in brackets (e.g. 'base="(ou=people)"') then it is prepended to the default base the default base of the LdapContrib
scope="one" scope of search; possible values: sub, base, one sub
format="..." format string used to display a database record $dn
header="..." header to prepend the output no header
footer="..." footer to appended to the output no footer
sep="..." or separator="..." separator between database records $n (new line)
sort="..." name of attributes to sort the output DN
reverse="on" reverse the result set; possible values: on, off off
limit="100" maximum number of records to return no limit
skip="10" number of records in the hit set to skip before displaying them 0 (nothing is skipped)
required="..." a comma separated list of LDAP record attributes. If specified, the LDAP query results not having all of the specified attributes are eliminated nothing is required
hidenull="on" wether to hide any output on an empty hit set; possible values: on, off off
default="..." when the LDAP query yields no results, the value of this parameter is returned as the search result instead of null. Naturally, if hidenull is on, default doesn't have any effect "" (null string)
clear="..." comma separated list of attributes to be removed from the output if they are not resolved nothing is cleared
Variable: Description:
$count the number of hits
$index the record number
$<attr-name> the value of the record attribute <attr-name>
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