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LHCb VELO Upgrade


The upgraded LHCb VELO silicon vertex detector is a lightweight hybrid pixel detector capable of 40 MHz readout at a luminosity of 2 x 1033 cm-2 s-1. The track reconstruction speed and precision is enhanced relative to the current VELO detector even at the high occupancy conditions of the upgrade, due to the pixel geometry and a closest distance of approach to the LHC beams of just 5.1 mm for the first sensitive pixel.

Cooling is provided by evaporative CO2 circulating microchannel cooling substrates. The detector contains 41 million 55 μm × 55 μm pixels, read out by the custom developed VeloPix front end ASIC.

The detector will start operation together with the rest of the upgraded LHCb experiment after the LHC LS2 shutdown, currently scheduled to end in 2019.

The VELO upgrade has been described in the Technical Design Report External link mark, submitted in November 2013 which lays out the planned construction and installation, and gives an overview of the expected detector performance. Some key figures and diagrams related to the VELO Upgrade can be found on our collection at Material for Presentations.


The Velo Upgrade Project operates under the responsibility of the VELO Project leader Paula Collinsand deputy project leader Kazu AkibaSome practical links are given in the table below. The project is organised into workpackages which are given in the list below.

The VELO Upgrade work packages:


Upgrade Software




DAQ Integration





Module Cooling 

  • Malcolm John, Workpackage webpage here
  • Velo Upgrade cooling meetings are held weekly at 10 am Monday CET and can be searched in indico under "Velo Upgrade Cooling". In addition the "LHCb CO2 Cooling meetings" discuss the general status of the joint cooling plant development for the UT and Velo Upgrade.


  • Girish Patel, here
  • The responsibility for this workpackage after the retirement of Girish Patel is taken over by Kurt Rinnert and Themis Bowcock pending the appointment of the new workpackage coordinator, expected for Q2 2016

RF boxes


Sensor activity

The VELO upgrade baseline option is for planar sensors, approximately 200 um thick. In the past, 3d and diamond sensors have been considered.  



The VELO upgrade testbeam programme is very active, coordinated by Kazu Akiba and Martin van Beuzekom

Please find the twiki page here


Upgrade commissioning


Microchannel Cooled Hybrid Pixels for LHCb

The decision to replace the Phase I VELO Strip detector with pixels was adopted in 2013 at a dedicated technology review held at Nikhef, Amsterdam. Some workpackages were dedicated to the concept development and R&D for this review, and have now been completed. This includes the workpackage setting in place the Strawman Defintion workpackage and the investigations of alternative pixel sensor technologies incuding 3D (Presentation by Chris Parkes on 3D detectors External link mark) and diamond sensors which were not in the end adopted for the Upgrade. Considerable work was put into the development of a strip option, which is described at the technology review links given above. The initial descriptions of the development of hybrid pixel modules, based on the electronics chip "VeloPix" derived from Timepix2, as a baseline option was described in our LOI External link mark and developed in the Framework TDR External link mark. The VELO Institutes committed to involvement in various aspects of the VELO Upgrade activities by completing a survey velo_expression_of_interest_4.xlsx and some technical information about the simulation studies can be found here.The old R&D pages can be found here.


Other Interesting Links and Reference Documents

LHCb Upgrade Expression of Interest External link mark




Material for presentations

* Material for Presentations

Documents currently in preparation


  • Plan of activities in the pit:
  • P8Activities.mpp: Plan of activities in the pit (Microsoft project source file)
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