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RF Box Developments for Upgrade (WP10)

The construction of a new RF foil brings two major advantages to the upgrade program: the a possible reduction in the material contribution of the foil, and the possibility of more flexibility in the geometry and layout. For more details see, for example http://indico.cern.ch/contributionDisplay.py?contribId=1&confId=48611 . This work package consists of an assessment of the risks, issues, and speed of such a program as well as the R&D itself.

RF box meetings and events

  • 2015-05-05: LHCb Tuesday Meeting: status talk by Massimiliano Ferro-Luuzi here External link mark
  • 2015-02-26: 6th TREX meeting, talks by Mark Gallilee and Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi here External link mark
  • 2015-02-05: RF Box Upgrade Workshop at CERN here External link mark
  • 2010-03-24: First RF foil upgrade meeting here External link mark

RF box Sub-activities


Many useful pages may be found at NIKHEF External link mark

Figures for LOI

Here are some figures generated for the LOI, 2010-08-03. These figures are cut from a 3d model which uses the baseline module design, which follows from Tony's balanced 3x1 tiling scheme, and z-spacing used by Steve for his simulations.

(Click on the image to access the full-size ~1800x900 jpg file.)

Colors are: RF Foil (gold), sensor (green), ASIC (yellow), epoxy (olive), aluminum (medium blue), kapton+connectors (orange), cooling lines (light blue), transparent gray (substrate). "Services" here refer to cooling and kaptons.


RF FOIL (D) - main foil no edge, all planes - [iso-sm.hlr-frl]


RF FOIL (D) - main foil no edge, all planes - [iso-sm.no.wf-frl]


RF FOIL (D) - main foil plus edge, all planes - [iso-sm.no.wf-frl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, all planes - [iso-sm.hlr-frl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, all planes - [iso-sm.no.wf-frl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, single plane, no-services - [fro-sm.no.wf-bkl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, single plane, services - [fro-sm.no.wf-bkl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, single module, no-services - [iso.exp-sm.no.wf-frl]


VELOPIX - L, 3x1, single module, services - [iso.exp-sm.no.wf-frl]


RF FOIL (D) - high tolerance interior angle - [cut,flat.hld]


RF FOIL (D) - high tolerance interior angle - [cut,sm.hlr]

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