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Running Boole in VeloPix only mode (also how to install it and get the necessary data) - deprecated

Firstly you have to install Boole through the nightlies (to be up-to-date with recent changes in master). Assuming you are working on the lxplus, you can install it this way:

lb-dev --platform x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt --nightly lhcb-head Boole/HEAD

cd BooleDev _HEAD

git lb-use Boole

Then you can download necessary packages (e.g. package VP from Boole, there are also VeloPix related packages in Lbcom and LHCb)

git lb-checkout Boole/master VP

And then compile:

source /cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/LbEnv

lb-set-platform x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt


Now you need a config file (option file). You can name it as you want, e.g. VP-config.py but the inside of it should look like following:

from Boole.Configuration import *
from Configurables import Boole

Boole().DataType = "Upgrade"
Boole().Outputs = ["DIGI","MDF"]  # Test all output types
Boole().InputDataType="XDST"     #only if your data are XDST; if they are in the SIM format, replace it with "SIM"

LHCbApp().CondDBtag = "upgrade/sim-20180530-vc-md100"
LHCbApp().DDDBtag = "upgrade/dddb-20170301"

Now you need a data file. You can download an exemplary file like this one:

lb-run LHCbDIRAC dirac-dms-get-file LFN:/lhcb/MC/Upgrade/XDST/00032857/0000/00032857_00000735_1.xdst

You also need a python file with the path of your data file, you can name it VP-data.py and it should contain:

from Configurables import Boole
from Configurables import LHCbApp

inputFiles = ['00032857_00000735_1.xdst'] # put here a name of your file

from GaudiConf import IOHelper

Now you can run Boole:

./run gaudirun.py VP-config.py VP-data.py


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